Monday, May 6, 2013

Adventure Design

I've been working on adventures.  A handful of them.  And I notice I don't have a unified approach to any of them.  Not that needs to be, but sometimes its helpful.  When you do the introduction its pretty much says the same thing, this is for x number of characters at x level.  Please change anything you like.  There is some standard stuff in every adventure.

Here's what I propose.  Propose?  Here's what I plan on doing.  I want to develop a stat block for the adventure itself.  For easy reference for perspective GMs and so the writer can save precious space.  I probably should put this out there until I've thought about this more, but I rarely like to think too much.  Causes cramps. 

This is a sample, but it would be a in a block on the cover of the adventure.

Level: 3rd to 5th
# Characters: 6 to 8
Setting: Village & Underground Dungeon Crawl
Difficulty Level: Medium
Size: Small
Rating: Teen

The last three have qualifying answers, but I would keep it to a three or four tier answer system.  Difficulty: easy, medium and hard.
Size: small, medium, large.
Rating: family, teen, mature.

In general, the basic information is delivered at a glance.  There are probably a few categories that could be added.  If you have a suggestion please do or maybe something could be changed in what I proposed.