Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday's Question: Secret Doors

Friday!  What a wonderful word.  Work has been tearing me down this week and the reason for lack of posting.  But!  that is no excuse not to do a Friday Question.

I've been doodling a handful of maps recently.  One of the things I keep in mind is I rarely play at the table any longer.  Most of our games are on-line.  What is the difference?  Fog of war can be tricky in revealing sections.  The on-line programs handle it pretty well, but some have devastating quirks.

One of the big issues is secret doors.  You can't note a secret door with a big S.  Everyone will see it.  There were a few times when we all got a good laugh when a GM would do the reveal and we'd see the tail end of an S sticking out.  "I'm checking for secret doors by that S in the corner." 

Question all you brilliant folks is, how do you depict your secret door or just hidden stuff when using on-line maps?  I know many just do rough drawings and just sketch as the party goes, but I'm interested in when you have a pre-made map, what do you do to keep it secret from the prying eyeballs of the players?