Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Blogfest for Ray Harryhausen

RJ over at Gamers & Grognards purposes a blogfest on Friday dedicated to the late, great Ray Harryhausen who passed away this week and 92.  I've always refereed to him as Harry.  When I would here his name when I was younger I thought Harry was his first name and Hausen was his last.  I knew there was a Ray in there, but seemed to forget about it.

If you're a gamer of older age his movies were must see.  Any gamer of any age should watch his movies.  I think his movies shaped my view of gaming in my early years.  All the fantastic creatures that we populate the dungeons come to life.

If you're interested, please join in on Friday in a blogfest honoring Harry, Ray Harryhausen.  Share your favorite memory, favorite movie or just post a picture of one of his monsters that you remember best.