Saturday, September 14, 2013

Campaign Map Time!

I finished a region of my campaign world.  Here's the colored pencil/sharpie version without names and sites.
As you can see, Whisk was doing coupons on the kitchen table, but I still took the picture.  The overall region is the picture below.  Then maps of the four of the hexes are above.
Hex 0910, 1009, 1010 and1110 are the four hexes I did area maps for so far.  The campaign will start in hex 1010.  Each of those hexes are 14 miles across.
Here's what they look like cut out and put together.  I forget where I found the hexes in a big hex paper, but I made several copies.  I think I would like to at least have the central hex and all the surrounding hexes finished.
I showed a version of this one in an earlier post, Game Night Chat
This is what it looks like after I put the names and mark the sites on the maps using Xara.  To my players, go ahead and print this out if you think it will help. 
This is hex 1009.  I some how managed to make every hex a little crooked.  It takes skill to be the consistently inept.  I make it look easy.
Okay, why does blogger keep flipping my photos?  I have to save them on there side so when I download them here they are right side up.  That is not a pube in the lower left hand corner...I think.
Last hex map.  I couldn't get the color to work that well for this one. 

After I finish them they will go in the scanner.  That was if I spill ice tea on the originals I have a copy.  I learned that lesson the hard way a few times.  Then I open Xara and start naming and marking sites.  But before that I like to write up a few details just looking at the blank map.  I don't want anything defined at that time.  I just write what comes to mind and try to weave it with the other things I've written. 


  1. Man, you are a master of map-making! Those look awesome! That's some countryside I want to go romping around in.

  2. Now all you have to do is Scan them, then share with the rest of us! Woo-hoo!


    Very nice, Tim, you do good work.

  3. Good stuff, Tim! I love how you're exploding the large-scale numbered map with details. The labeled map looks quite nice.

  4. Awesome maps! I really like the shading.

    Do the coupons represent the treasure? Or are they manufacturer's discounts on weapons and armor?

  5. You have gotten so good at this! Well done, sir! :)

  6. This ... brings back memories of many hours spent painstakingly colouring in hex maps in increasing levels of detail...

    Haven't got the patience these days (my maps are computer-based) but these are cool!!