Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cost of Zine Postage, Bundles & Singles

Here's another 'peek behind the curtain' post.  This one is focusing on the cost to sent zines out into the world.  It's something that needs to be seriously considered when your set you price.

To ship single issues:
$.70 to USA
$1.15 to Canada
$2.13to the World

To ship out bundles:
$3.29 or $3.50 to USA (depends how many extras I had on hand)
$4.79 to Canada
$10.72 to the World

Total spent on shipping the month:  

Yeah, that's more than I've ever spent at the PO.  But it just means I've had a lot of orders and really enjoying it.  And if I ever need a job at the PO I think I can get references from nearly all the workers and have the postage rates memorized. 


  1. You have to make sure your cost of postage is covered and your not out of pocket for this (including envelope etc.).

    This is more and more important as more people find your excellent zine and sales go up and up


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