Saturday, May 10, 2014

Review Incentive Program

That sounds so official, Review Incentive Program.  I think it should be in a Policies & Procedures manual.

Reviews of products are important.  My recent discussion with RPGNow and their policy that bars publishers to review other products got me to think more on this subject.

I wrote a batch of reviews for my blog and then posted them on RPGNow.  I was unaware that I couldn't although I guess I'd been warned before.  I actually thought I was warned because I rated one of my own products.  I was looking at one of them, I forget which, and I accidentally gave it a two star rating.  I didn't know how to undo the rating.  And I was thinking if I'm accidentally going to give myself a rating its going to be five stars not two. Busted.

Anyway, back to reviews being important.  I've been doing this long enough, and put out enough products, to know a review, good or bad, small or large, is a good thing.  They don't always parlay into more sales, but most of the time they do.  Some would argue that bad reviews...well, are bad, but I disagree.  How many times have you gone to Amazon and wanted to buy something and clicked on the one star reviews.  I know I do.  I learn more about the product from them most of the time.  Some of the negative choices are personal opinions, some are quality issues and some will say it's just plain broke.

So my Review Incentive Program is going to go something like this...

  • If you do a review of one of my books you'll be entered for that calendar month.
  • It doesn't matter if it's a review of an old product or a new one.
  • It doesn't matter if it is a positive or negative review.  Only matters that it is an honest review.
  • And in this case, size doesn't matter.  There is no length requirement.  
  • If you do a review, please let me know.  I miss a lot of posts.  You can just comment on any of my posts or email me.  All my products have my email.  
  • Of the reviews, I'll randomly select one review.  If there is only one review that month, the selection will not be random.
  • If one person does two reviews of my stuff (for what ever reason), he or she will have two chances to win.
  •  If you are selected, I'll give you a free PDF of any of my other products or one of my new pdfs. 
I'll give this a shot.  I have no idea if it will catch on.  If it flames out, no sweat.

To do a review.

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