Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Take on 5th Edition D&D or D&D Next or Just Plain D&D

Seems the hub bub for the next edition of D&D has subsided a little...hub people still say that?  There has been a lot of thrashing and name calling.  I've never been one to get involved with edition wars.  I like to take shots at all editions.  I am an equal opportunity shot taker.  Granted, I was no where near a fan of 4th edition.
A very important and accurate illustration.  This image is copyrighted and can only be used if some sort of pizza arrangement it discussed before use.  Any unauthorized use of this picture will result in the sternest finger waving I can imagine.  The image of +Rob Conley's forehead was used without his permission, but since it's large enough to have it's own zip code, (see the size of the Enterprise, that's the actually size difference)...I'd forgotten what else I was going to say in this very long caption.

I played 4th ed. a couple times at home and at cons and had a lot of fun.  But it wasn't for me.  Now D&D, Hasbro and Mearls are shoving another version out the door.

Here's my hopes for the new edition.
  • I hope it's good.  Most are still going to play what they like.  Pathfinder dudes and OSR dudes would be fine without a different version.  While the rules we use are older, it's the game we like, not the rules.  Football and baseball and all those other sports have pretty much been using the same rules.  But I don't love football because a field goal is 3 points, holding is a 10 yard penalty and the Steelers have the most Super Bowl wins (yeah, had to get that one in, suck it wannabes).  
  • I hope their treatment of 3rd party publishers is not as stupid as last time.  There is no way to put it any other way.  They were stupid. 
  • If D&D is good, and I have no quantifiable way to determine what I think is good, or not good, other than I would use the system to build an adventure.  But if it's good, I think it will help small publishers.  Maybe recapture some of the gold rush feeling during the 3rd edition era.  
  • I'd like to see them develop a new campaign setting, maybe something interactive.  This is going to sound funny coming from an OSR dude, but the rehashing of the same old settings is boring to me.  I'd like to see something new to play in.  
  • Stop making multiple DMGs and PHBs.   Annoying.
I've pre-ordered the Starter Kit or whatever its called on Amazon.  I've heard they are going to have a free download of the rules.  Smart.  I like the direction.  Although they need to get Mearls off whatever social network thingy he is on.  He doesn't help at all.  His comments at the time were confusing and annoying.  If you have a good game coming out, shut up for a little while until you can actually talk about it.

Okay, I'm done now...

After credits scene...

Fear the forehead!


  1. Poor Rob Conley's Forehead, blocking people from getting near Canada and Fourth Edition. :(

  2. His forehead looks suspiciously like a giant turtle floating in the abyss.....coincidence? I think not.

  3. I think that picture examples it perfectly. In fact, it may explain most of existence perfectly.

  4. I agree, the only real reason to do new editions is to get more coin

    Just given you the Liebster Award even though your a tad over the 200 followers, us Steeler fans should stick together LOL


  5. I hope D&D 5 is much simpler than 3, 3.5 and 4. Those later editions just have too many rules for my taste. Just take a look at the rules for getting lost in the wilderness in 3.5. It makes my head spin how complex it is.