Saturday, May 24, 2014

First Two Month Sales of The Manors

Apparently I had very few things to do so I decided to check out how the Manor sales stacked up in the first couple of months of them being released.  I did the first two months because some were released at the end of a month.  I developed a chart with the total sales over two months and the PDF sales are defined by a lighter section of the column.  Manor 6 is doing exceptionally well in only 16 days.  Just 10 issues shy of overtaking Manor 1.

Manor 1 is the best selling issue, but Manor 6 is making up ground very quickly.   It was selling very well, but when I offered The Manor bundle 1-6, I got additional sales to new customers.  I was working 14 hour days making sure I had enough printed and sent out on time. 

Anyway I thought it was interesting and thought I'd share it with you.