Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Getting Ready for the Con

Tomorrow I leave for Con on the Cob.  Three days of gaming.  This will be my longest time gaming since I used to do marathon gaming sessions when I was a kid.  Remember those all nighters?  I do.  I remember never having money for anything to eat and I would be starving by the time I got home a day and half later. 

This time around most of the Monday night crew will be there.  +Rob Conley+Ken H , +Chris C. and +Daniel McEntee.  It'll be good to game with the guys in person.  I know we are signed up for one game Rob is running and then I'll be running a Esoterrorist game for the guys on the off time.  I think it'll be fun.  The anti-social bastard that I can become, doesn't seem to be rearing its head so I should be good.

Here are some of the things I changed from last year when I went to the con.
  • Made a loose gaming schedule.  No two, 4-hour sessions in a row.  I don't have the stamina to concentrate that long.  I want to be able to kickback and BS with the guys also.  And while I don't mind reliving a little of the marathon session, I don't want to relive the not eating for 12-hours. 
  • As I said above, run my own game.  GM for live and in person people.  Holy crap on a cracker Batman what a novel fucking concept.  However, I'm not sure how everyone's schedule will jive, but we'll figure it out.
  • Bringing something with me so I can take some picture, hell, maybe do a video.  I'll take along a tablet.  My wife's tablet in which she has already got over one orientation with me on how to use it....a second orientation is schedule for tonight because I goofed around too much for the first one.  
  • Play new games or games I've had very little chance to play.
  • Don't get sick!
 Well I've got about 15-hours worth of work to fit into the next 8-hours so I better get at it.