Thursday, October 2, 2014

GM Games September Sales Report

Another month of sales in the books.  Another very good month even though the last thing released was in July.  I had a total of 88 sales.  Many of those came in bundle sales in both print and PDF. 

Interesting Number
I've sold 1459 issues of The Manor.  Holy crap.  I don't have the numbers of how many were print compared to the PDFs.  But nearly 1459 zine sales is just fricking awesome for this backwoods dude in Pennsylvania.

Red numbers indicate the number of free downloads.

This month I released a 4-month subscription plan for The Manor.  Once I release issue #8 I'll have to increase the prices of the issues to $5 for US, $5.50 for Canada and $6 for international orders.  If you get the subscription you get a break on the price now.  Postage has been a killer lately.  You can get the subscription by pushing that little button off to the side.

Future Products
Issue #8 of The Manor is in the works. And a renewed old project is getting another look.

Thanks to all the people that ordered this month.  Your support is very appreciated.  Onto a new month, October, probably the coolest month of all.