Friday, October 30, 2015

Party Failure

I've been thinking about and discussing what constitutes failure for a party.  During my latest session the party put themselves into a situation where they are most likely to fail.  They were given the task to find and item before the week was out.  It probably won't happen.  There was one point in the adventure where I almost fudged it a bit to help them keep on schedule, but I hate fudging and decided to see how it played out.  The ending will as much a surprise to me as it will them.  So while they may not get the item back in time, there are a batch of other possible outcomes. 

I finished my 3rd micro-adventure this month, The Remains of a Most Unfortunate Party.  I started writing it before the game session, but it tied in nicely to my thought process.  Here we have an adventure that has been 'used' so to speak.  An adventuring party fairly recent went through here to get an item.  There are bodies and evidence of their passing.  In the the end they got their item, but they also were TPKed.

A few days ago I posted another micro-adventure titled, Old Warren Castle.  I have a post half written about found locations and that's what I consider Old Warren Castle. 

Time to head to the zombie museum in Evans City.  Enjoy the adventures.