Monday, October 19, 2015

Trick or Treat Giveaway

I was sorting and changing around my gaming shelf and found some duplicates of some zines, new and old, and thought I would do a trick-or-treat giveaway.  Here's the list of prizes.

The Treats
Demon Drums by +Tim Callahan 
Blasphemous Brewery of Pilz: Extra Stout Edition by +dylan hartwell
Menagerie of the Ice Lord by +dylan hartwell
Slumbering Ursine Dunes by +Chris Kutalik
The Stronghold by +Boric Glanduum
The Undercroft by +Daniel Sell

All of these are fantastic.  And the only reason I'm doing the giveaway is I have duplicates and spreading good gaming around improves the world.

The Trick
So here's how this will work.  If you want to be entered into this random goodness, in the comments below, share your favorite Trick-or-Treat moment.  Or Halloween if that words better.  Extra points if you mention what was/is your favorite treat to get. 

I'll randomly roll the winners from those who participate.  If there is a particular one you would really like to get, mention it.  Can't guarantee that's the one you'll win, but it improves your chances.  I'll determine the six winners Wednesday night sometime.

Enjoy this, the funniest of all the holidays, Happy fricking Halloween.


  1. Having to wear my Halloween costume over top of a snow suit; it was not a space costume, it was not the stay-puff marshmallow man, it was Spider Man- oh how I miss those simpler times.

    Reece's Peanut Butter Cups. 

  2. Still, to this day, my favorite Halloween moment is 5 year old me and my 3 year old brother in our Ben Cooper Threepio and R2 costumes. Mom let us wear them every day until Christmas. I need to ask her if she still had that photo somewhere. My favorite treats are all of them. I still buy myself extra candy and wheel and deal with the kids at my Wednesday night public game at our FLGS the week after trick-or-treating. Loves me some candy! (ps- I already The Stronghold, Dunes and Undercroft)

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  4. For me it was this game we played every Halloween party as a kid. My parents would turn out the lights and everyone sat in a circle. Then we heard the tale of someone named Mr. Brown who for some reason was in many pieces.

    Passed around the circle was his "body parts" such as corn for teeth, spaghetti for veins, peaches for organs, etc. It was totally gross and awesome!

  5. 17 years old, kinda drunk, trick-or-treating with prior planning wearing found object costumes. I think I just grabbed a sword from my truck and happened to be wearing a green shirt, so Robin Hood or something was my costume. A friend wore a fedora and a Simpsons bedsheet for a cape, Hatman or something.

    Anyway, we're drunk and wandering the streets, I look over and my buddy B. McC lights a fucking cigarette through the much too small children's dinosaur mask he's wearing. People still gave us candy.

    Nothing like vomiting up whoppers and keystone light.

    Whoppers were totally the best, though.

  6. That year of the razorblade apple scare when my mom threw all of my candy away. No but seriously, trick or treating w the four year old and her declaring that she will get one hundred pieces of candy. Fave Halloween candy has got to be Smarties. 

  7. My best Halloween moment was being 2 minutes old for my first Halloween. I was born near Pittsburgh in Butler, PA. My mom went to the Monroeville Mall, famously depicted in Dawn of the Dead, to walk around and induce labor. I was born at 11:58 on Devil's Night.

    Favorite candy? Reese's

  8. My best Halloween moment was being 2 minutes old for my first Halloween. I was born near Pittsburgh in Butler, PA. My mom went to the Monroeville Mall, famously depicted in Dawn of the Dead, to walk around and induce labor. I was born at 11:58 on Devil's Night.

    Favorite candy? Reese's

  9. We had a tradition back in middle school. Every year around Halloween, our 6th grade science teacher, Mr. Lincoln, would read Poe's _The Telltale Heart_. Being a science teacher, he would decorate with all manner of preserved animal parts, including a 5 foot squid that someone found on a beach and have to him.

    He would always make a point of highlighting the jar of sheep's eyeballs on his lab table/desk. Before turning the lights down and reading the story, he would move the jar into the sink set into his lab bench, where it would sit out of sight for the entire story.

    After the kids were all freaked out with his emotionally-charged performance, he'd causally mention how hungry reading made him. He would reach into the sink, pull out a dripping orb in his hand, then eat it in one bite. He freaked the 6th graders out every year, even though he actually ate a hard-boiled egg that he pre-set in the sink.

    For me, it's a toss-up between Mounds and Rolo.

  10. I absolutely loved my He-man costume. Looked forward to halloween for weeks. Turns out that He-man is not immune to the cold. Especially when it dumps huge snowflakes out of the sky mid-trick or treat. I know the packaging is wasteful but I do miss those old boxes with mask so clearly displayed behind the clear cellophane on the front.

    1. Oh and I have Demon Drums and the Undercroft. Not that I am opposed to second copies but they should go to someone who doesn't have them.

  11. I was costumed in my homemade Vampire slayers costume, complete with crucifix, homemade stakes, and a garlic necklace. My friend and I would run from street to street to get the most candy. Houses with bad treats were given sprays of silly string that we kept on our persons.

  12. Every year we came home from trick-or-treating and had to dump our candy bags on the kitchen table for our parents to look through, just in case. It was tradition that Dad (who always went out with us kids) got to choose one piece of candy for himself; of course, we always tried to encourage him to pick the candy we least liked. My favorite candy at the time was Mounds since I loved coconut and dark chocolate (and didn’t care for the almond in Almond Joy). My ingenious younger brother got in the post-Halloween habit of carefully unwrapping his candy bars so he could re-wrap them with custom-cut corrugated cardboard inserts to trick his friends....

    Thanks, Tim, for your generosity. I already have the fantastically creepy Demon Drums, but the others look great, too.

  13. Halloween isn't that common in Germany but it's becoming popular. I think it's cute how the little ones dress up and come to your door. We have Karneval (or Fasching) in Germany but it normally doesn't involve going from door to door.

  14. Oh, I forgot: I already have "Slumbering Ursine Dunes".

  15. My favorite Halloween memory is the family in my neighborhood where we knocked on the door, the dad opened it and said something like, oh shoot, we don't have candy, and gave us each two bucks. Better than any candy...

  16. Last year we wanted to create jack-o-lantern with scarecrow body. Old jacket, scythe, all that. Unfortunately pumpkins for the head were really expensive in our local store, so we chose someting similar: a watermelon.
    It looked really cool carved with a grin and all. And it was fun to eat all that watermelon in the Halloween night.
    That's why my fav Halloween treat is watermelon.

    Slumbering Ursine Dunes would be interesting, but all are cool.

  17. I most remember my final Halloween Trick or Treating. 15 years old, me and 5 of my friends went. After we all went to Andrew's house. His mother was dressed like a scarecrow and sitting on the porch to scare kids as they would come up to the bowl sitting on the porch with the "take 1" sign on it. I hit her in the face with my bag of candy.

    After we dumped all 6 bags into one huge pile and divided it up. I don't think any of of took home anything we didn't like. Twix and anything caramel are my favorites.

    I would love to check out Slumbering Ursine Dunes, but any of them would be awesome.

  18. I always enjoyed Halloween as a kid, but my favorite trick or treat experience is the first time I took my son around to our neighbors and he got to do it for the first time.

  19. Throwing together a cyberpunk costume to wear while taking my stepson out trick-or-treating . . . and then having to explain cyberpunk at what seemed like every house. (Though that was in the 90s, might have better luck today.)

    I am a fan of the snack sized 3 Musketeers and the sugary goodness of Sweetarts.

  20. When my wife and I moved to our home in the suburbs about 10 years ago, we were super-excited to have visits from all the trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood, so we stocked up on a TON of candy and settled in to wait, watching scary movies. NO ONE CAME! We were crestfallen and took it quite personally - we felt like the spurned, alienated "new neighbors."
    Turns out our doorbell was broken!

    Favorite candy: Peanut M&M & Reese's Peanut Butter Cups :)
    Ps. love your work, Tim - great idea for a h'ween giveaway!

  21. I don't really have a good Halloween store. I did make a good punch last Halloween that was sort of a sickly slime green. And very alcoholic.

  22. When I was a kid, I was sick on Halloween in 5th grade and in 6th grade was the Tylenol scare so no-one was trick-or-treating, and by 7th I thought it was too childish to trick-or-treat so I stopped going out for it. But as an adult I love Halloween more than ever. We decorate the house every year and my mom still holds a costume party the weekend before where we all bring gross foods like rat-on-a-stick and it's a blast for adults and the kids who all sleep over that night; on Halloween itself we have some friends over, put a fire pit on the driveway, and drink and pass out candy and take turns chaperoning the kids around the neighborhood. So really my favorite Halloween always tends to be last year.
    favorite treat: whoppers

  23. When I was a wee lad, I dressed as a pirate for Halloween. To complete the costume, my dad let me borrow a vintage blackpowder pistol (its actual trigger function was disabled). It wasn't 17th century, but it looked pretty darn close. At one house, a guy told us we couldn't have a treat without showing him a trick, so I let him check out the pistol.

    He was duly impressed and gave me an extra generous handout.
    Ha! Can you imagine if I tried such a thing these days? An innocent kid showing off a non-working costume embellishment, or an armed hooligan demanding candy at gunpoint?

    More innocent times, those.

  24. As a cub scout many years ago I was infatuated with dinosaurs and spiderman. So i cut up an old green sheet, sewed together a tail and papermached (sp?) a dinosaur head (note to others--remove the wire structure before wearing--and make sure it fits loosely before making it. Another tip-a long tail and a papermache dinosaur head make for a very long night of trick or treating.

    A note of pride--my older daughter, now at college, is a dinosaur fan (although she likes the cute "rawr"y ones)!

    Favorite treat--zotz! Eat 4-5 at once and foam at the mouth!

    Lastly--I remember the ice lord menagerie! (Got that in the stacks somewhere--anything else, specially if I can use it for the dnd group). Happy Halloween folks!