Saturday, October 31, 2015

Zombie Museum Day Trip

Yesterday, Whisk and I drove to Evans City, a small, but busy place just north of Pittsburgh.  Why would I drive there?  Because they have The Living Dead Museum of course.  Evans City is also the home of Evans City Cemetery which was featured in the first scenes of Night of the Living Dead, the original zombie movie.  A few years ago Whisk and I went on the hunt to find Nicholas Kramer there and had a great day.  Since then they have rebuilt the chapel that was in the movie.  It was rebuilt with the donations from movie fans who wanted to see it restored.

Here are a few cool picture we got from the museum.

Today the Whisk and I are barricading the doors and windows with all the scrap wood we can find.  We'll watch scary movies all day and she'll make great food.  Perfect Halloween.


  1. I live not far from there, but haven't been to the museum, yet. I have been to the cemetery many times, though. I used to work in the building in downtown Pittsburgh where the basement scenes were filmed.

  2. Cool images...!!!
    a great Halloween Weekend to you and Lady Whisk, good Sir...

  3. Wow! What a cool place. Great pictures of a fascinating-looking museum. They're missing a trick not having a café though, serving 'brain food' ;-)

    1. Brain food, I love it. Vomit dip, all kinds of gross fun.