Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Questioning the Rules and Conversion

Monday night was Fantasy Age where I play a mage that is always one inch taller than anyone he meets.  He and the group are working for the Consortium (dimensional travelers who collect species of other dimensions).  We've contracted with them to collect five sentient beings.  We've opted to get some orcs.  The previous session we did the same contract and inadvertently grabbed five goblins.  And learned that the better shape they are in the more units (their money - the Consortium excels in magic item creation and only accepts units in exchange) are earned.

This time we thought we'd go for orcs...and we did.  But we killed too
many of them and were overwhelmed by their numbers.  We tuck tail and ran back to regroup.  I believe I failed the group on this one.  I'm Mr. Healer, I've got mad first aid skills and the only one with healing spells.  I let the fighter folk drop too far down instead of maintaining them through the entire fight.  While it is within the rules, I feel that it is an exploitation of a flawed rule.  I mentioned in a previous post that first aiding someone in the middle of a battle is ridiculous.  And while I understand it is a fantasy world with lots of ridiculous stuff that I don't even blink at, for what ever reason I get stuck on it being unrealistic rule.  The GM tweaked it this time though and added another qualifier to be able to use first aid in battle and the person must also have healing magic ability.  Which I do.  So my one inch taller than everyone else dude is super cool.

On Tuesday night we continued our Pits & Perils sessions.  It was the conclusion to my turn as GM.  Each of use has taken a crack at running adventures.  +Chris C. and +Ken H had adventures that required 3 sessions.  I hogged the microphone for 5 sessions.  They were searching for a death mask located in the Valley of the Dead.  They have been battling a religious cult, Memento Mori, that worships St. Hesta, the Plagued One.

The session ended with the party successfully getting the death mask.  But the more interesting event was when they encountered a cleric of St. Hesta trapped within the tomb.  They battled for a short time before the cleric fled.  The party found the cleric quivering being his work table pleading for mercy (when I have NPC of significance I usually label them with an actor's name and proceed to do a horrible imitation, this guy was Peter Lorre).  What happened Chris's cleric was able to convert the weak willed man and immediately changed his name to Pshaw.  So the party's cleric earned his first acolyte.

Chris's turn next week.

To those of you who are getting fat and watching football tomorrow, enjoy the holiday.  I am enjoying a 5-day weekend and the kitchen is already filled with incredible smells.  So excuse me while I sneak away to tear off a chunk of fresh bread and grab an apple spice cupcake.  It is a burden to live with a baker.  I must eat them for the good of all mankind.