Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mapping Contest

Hey, +Inkwell Ideas and +Joe Wetzel is having a mapping contest.  The theme for this one is it must include at least two buildings.  They can be located in a city, village, ruin or cavern if you like.  Joe extended the contest until November 6th.  The winners get a set of +matt jackson's Moleskin Maps.  You should have a copy of those already.  And a set of DungeonMorph Dice.

I got busy and did a map, Hamlet of Hounds Head.

Join in the mapping contest, its fun to do and hell, if you win, the prizes are fantastic. 


  1. Never heard of "Dungeon Morph" Dice.... cool... had made a set of cards (similar) with bits of mapped out areas on each ... thus, could quickly have a map and a simple random determination roll (6d ... 1, 2 = "Monster / Creature" ... 3= Trap.... 4 = "Special" ... and 5 and 6 = "Empty"....)
    ... had to make everything at first.. so, we had a couple of extra "aspects" ( as well as some useful DM Tools)....