Saturday, November 28, 2015

Zine Vaults, a Kickstarter that Kicked Ass [Review]

A few months back +Carl Bussler and +Eric Hoffman, of Stormlord Publishing, created a Kickstarter, The Zine Vault.   I jumped in right away because I have quite a bit of interest in the OSR zine culture that has grown over the years.  And Carl and Eric do an incredible job with everything they do.  The Zine Vault scheduled completion date was November.  And last time I checked the calendar, it's November.  Carl and Eric delivered on time and, as always, produced an excellent product!

 There were five designs, six if you count a blank option, of Zine Vaults to choose from.  I got a sampling of all of them; Post-Apocalyptic, Fantasy, Great Old Ones,  Sci-Fi, and Six-Guns & Sorcery.  Originally the boxes were going to have Zine Vault printed on the side, but that proved too costly from what I remember.  I was a bit disappointed by this originally, but now that I have the boxes I see it as an opportunity to personalize the boxes and to name the boxes for what is inside. 

Let's look at the inside of the these boxes.  They are made of heavy cardboard and lined with a dark matting.  Before the Zine Vault Kickstarter I looked around quite a bit for heavy boxes to store my zine, but I could never find the right size.  I found a couple of boxes that would have fit two stack of zines inside, but they were always Christmas themed.  I don't want a glittery, smiling snowman guarding my zines. 

Here's my stash of boxes I received.  Lots of boxes soon to be filled and given purpose. 

In the description, Zine Vaults are supposed to hold 6 zines.  I was able to easily fit 10, 24-page zines!  And if I chose to go over a little I think I could squeeze in one or two more without blowing the top off.  As a sire note, I just received my first shipment from Brave Halfling's Kickstarter, two copies of The Ruins of Ramat. 

So this concludes the Zine Vault tour.  I asked Carl and Eric if they would sell Zine Vaults after  completing the Kickstarter orders, and the answer is YES.  After all the KS order are complete, Zine Vaults will be available at Stormlord Publishing.  Indulge your zines, treat them with the luxury they deserve.