Tuesday, January 5, 2016

On the Banks of Pulling Creek

Howdy folks, this is my first entry into my Patreon offering of 2016.  On the Banks of Pulling Creek is a micro-location.  Someone recently asked what is the difference between my micro-adventures and micro-locations.  A micro-adventure is a very small area with obstacles to over come.  Obstacles come in the form of monsters, traps, puzzles or a situation that needs resolved.  A micro-location is built to promote adventures and situations.  A place for adventurers to wander through and the GM to provide them the local flavor and possible adventure hooks.  A staging place.

On the Banks of Pulling Creek the prominent feature is the Temple of Aquain and its priest, Rendel.  While he has gone rogue from the church, he still commands some respect in the area and is accompanied by two acolytes.  Because the church does not recognize his project he has found other means to supplement the repairs and the primary one is doing business with smugglers led by Rud Cutter.  Their relationship is tense.

You have a bit of history of the area with Blood Boulder, an ancient sacrificial rock that is still stained with blood even after centuries.  You've got the blood hawk who hunts the creek for fish and uses Scarin Island as a killing ground.  A mysterious set of stairs that ends 15' deep.  Who built it?  Why?  Or more to the point for adventurers, what the hell could be behind it?  And finally a local resource that has yet to be discovered.  And its discovery could change this entire area overnight.

With those situations I provide I hope to give depth to the area that GM can run with.  Maybe build an adventure around or just use it as an interesting spot along the way. 

So starts my 2016 campaign and I have to say 2015 was fantastic and a huge success for me.  Anyone can go grab the PDF of On the Banks of Pulling Creek, along with a players and GM map.  My fantastic patrons at the $2.50 and above level will receive a laminated copy of it in the mail.