Friday, January 29, 2016

Vision of the Raven

Part 2 of our Wednesday night game session.

The tax collector led the party to a manor tucked away in a almost idyllic setting.  The orchards and fields were healthy and the manor itself was extremely well care for.  The manor was little more than a three-story stone keep that looked to have been standing there for centuries.  Outside the manor was a couple dozen buildings.

The party entered the manor to be greeted by Kurn, the Steward, a gruff older man wearing light armor and a sword at his side.  He questioned the tax collector and thanked the party for their efforts.  He informed the party the lord could offer them a night lodgings and a meal in the hall, but they would have to leave in the morning. The party accepted.

The bell for the last meal of the day was sounded and the party entered the hall.  They were there with a mage, who Phrandor identified as a man from House Benifore.  A small collection of mages known for the acts of generosity.  And a young man who seemed to have a perpetual smug and bored expression on his face.

Lord Walsh enters, a middle-aged man, well dressed with a sense of old nobility.  He is very curious about the party and the adventures they've been on.  He is a gracious host and praises the party's courage for their deeds and their character for helping his man out of a very bad situation.

Lord Walsh then entreats the party for assistance with the same bandits.  He fears that someone within his own manor is providing the bandits with information.  The reason why he is reaching out to the party.  The party and Lord Walsh agree to a set price, but he has a stipulation, that the party needs to take his son along.  To teach him what it is to be a man and not a boy raised with privilege.  The boy argues and at that point the party sees rage overcome Lord Walsh's face as he slaps his son.

That night, while keeping watch, Phrandor thought he heard a scream.  Muffled and distant.

In the morning the boy arrived and began barking out orders.  It didn't take long for the party to discipline him.  With a few whacks he fell into line.

As they neared they made it to the main road they saw a storm coming.  Odo thought he saw an image of a raven within the lightning and dark of the clouds.  The storm grew worse and the party scrambled for cover.  As they stood among the trees they heard voices.  With the quick flashes of the lightening they spotted six humaniod birdmen in the tree above them.

End of session.