Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Yes Virginia, You Can Kill Them With Kindness

Bob the Werebear by ZeeJayWong
Last night I'll give the short of it.  A halfling rogue, an elven archer and a healing mage walking into a village of lycanthropes and pick a fight.  What we lacked in tactics, we made up for it by our desperation and ability to scream like little girls.  Yeah, we were in a shitstorm and we didn't have to decency to get to the outhouse.

Quick note: we are using a combination of the Fantasy Age and Dragon Age and houseruled system.  +Dwayne Gillingham is using the Majestic Wilderlands as his setting and has introduced a whole new conglomeration of dimensional traveler to stir up the setting.  +Rob Conley's character died last week in a dual to the death and in doing so destroying his clan.  For this session he played a halfling rogue.  And +Daniel McEntee is playing an elven archer.  I am playing the eldest character, a magic with a focus on healing and lightning...and rolling crappy.

Back to the shitstorm.  We arrived in the village made up of lycanthropes...assassins...worshipers of Kali.  Yeah, it was bad.  We were to deliver a message to the Claws of Kali (Assassins) by burying a crystal in the shape of a flame in the middle of their village. 

We could have done it at night.

We could have snuck into the village.

Hell, we could have just buried it quickly and left.

Nope.  We walked into town, middle of the day, went to the tavern first (which I thought was a nice touch), alerted everyone we possibly could short of putting an ad in the assassins quarterly and then decided it was time to bury this crystal.

We fought wererats, wereboars and werebears.  They bit and clawed at us.  And our rolls reflected our tactlessness.

While my lightning attacks are nasty, they require me to roll high just to get the spell off and it cost a tidy sum in mana to cast.  So I went on a whim and tried another route.  My class specialty is Miracle Worker and by adding extra mana to my healing spell I can also cure.  So I took the chance, it was a much lower target threshold to be successful and the mana cost was much more economical.  So I cured them of their lycanthropy. 

Dwayne allowed it with the provision that would get a resist check.  Which I think I was able to cure two of the group, including one of the werebears. 

So kids, let that be a lesson to you.  While you can knock them down with some lightning you might be able to cast, take them all the way out with a single heal and a smile.  Yes Virginia, you can kill them with kindness.