Friday, January 8, 2016

The Houghington House

The Houghington House is that mysterious place just outside the village that folks tend to avoid.  While the villagers keep their respective distance from the house, visitors who have stayed there come away refreshed and positive.  But there have been those few who dared to provoke the spirits within only to find themselves stricken with the worst luck.

The Houghington House is a location to place in any village that needs a spot of interest.  If your players are wandering through, and no inn is available, the locals suggest staying at the Housington House, but also warn them against upsetting the spirits, and explain no further.  Now your players have an interesting place to stay and recover.  Sometimes a small touch enhances the atmosphere of the journey and that is the intent of The Houghington House. 

These small locations are something I love to write up.  When I run a game or a larger campaign I fill a notebook with tiny area to randomly place when I need something of interest to occur. 


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  1. Best thing about building adventures from these smaller locations is they are probably reusable with just some minor tweaks.