Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hi. My Name is Tim and I am an Addict.

The new Pathfinder Core Rulebook is big enough to kill a goblin in one swat. If that's not enough reason to buy this beast then how about the incredibly detailed artwork generously distributed throughout its 575 pages. I stand corrected. This book could kill a bugbear with one crushing blow.

I debated on buying Pathfinder. I never played 3.5 D&D. I recently downloaded the free PDF for Swords & Wizardry, building adventures for Castle & Crusades, researching OSRIC, watching the dust gather on my 4th ed. D&D books, reading Pendragon, and playing 4th ed. GURPS. So why do I need another system? I don't know. It's not like a play every night. The bad part is I am thinking of buying HackMaster Basic.


  1. If you have read my blog, you will know that I have the exact same problem, Tim. Perhaps we should create some kind of support group.

  2. Believe me I understand how you feel. I've currently got a lot of games to play by far, material to read, etc. I mean a LOT. Enough so that I was trying a "no new systems" rule, which has since then turned into a "no new books except for the ones I already have preordered" rule. Though considering I signed up for the Pathfinder RPG subscription...

  3. Maybe we should write "Gamers' Anonymous, the role-playing game".

    It's like any other RPG, except there's no line for a name on the character sheet.

  4. I hear you... I really, really do.
    I picked up Pathfinder - am I likely to run a game that requires a 600 page rulebook? No, but I couldn't help myself. The book is just so beautiful.

    It will go onto the shelf with all of the other RPGs I don't play.

  5. Harnmaster you must get harnmaster

  6. I should be more careful of my suggestions. If he gets harnmaster then I will be the one hunting cows.

  7. @Ryan - We may need one soon. I heard they have an internet addiction program now. You can find it on the internet.

    @Neowolf - I hear ya and let me know what some of the gems are in the Pathfinder collection. Another section of the gaming store I need to be afraid of now.

    @Armstrong - It is a beautiful book. I was admiring for layout purposes for when I get off my butt and finish the projects I have going.

    @Rob - *glares* I'm at the breaking point with Harn. I really want to get manor. I may finally crumble.

    @JB - rube x d6

    @Rob again - oh yeah, and you will be waiting for your grain to grow in real time like only good harn players would.

    @greywulf - And we meet in a basement and talk...wait we already do that. Whose turn was it to bring the coffee?