Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A New Class of Cleric

For the few of you that follow this blog knows that I've been grooving with Castles & Crusades lately and have been working on an adventure which I promise to have out soon. What I am planning is to create a series of three adventures that are linked. And I am hoping that each adventure can be completed in a single session. That is the intent. Whether the results match is another matter.

So what's the first thing I do, I throw the cleric class out the window for my NPC and make a new one. I created a specialized cleric of an undead god. Most gods have an aspect and it makes sense that their clerics would have specialization in that aspect. I used Castle & Crusades mechanics and rules. I just fiddled with them a bit. I made a sub class I guess you could call it. Here is the Cleric of Be'Ellon with its powers up to 5th level.

Cleric of Be'Ellon
Clerics of Be'Ellon use the same experience table and hit dice as a normal cleric. They do not gain spells, but rather improve their abilities at creating and controlling undead.

Weapons: Any except swords, but they prefer heavy maces. Be'Ellon is often depicted wielding a large mace in the shape of a skull with metal spikes.

Armor: Any.

Alignment: Clerics of Be'Ellon can only be Chaotic Evil aligned. Since the worship of Be'Ellon is outlawed in almost every kingdom his shrines are hidden in the dark places of society and in the wilderness. They have no loyalty to anyone except slightly to those within their sect and even then only a strong leader can keep the clerics from potting against one another.

Immunity to Disease: Working with undead makes the clerics impervious to naturally occurring diseases. If the disease is magical or divine in nature a cleric saves at +2. Be'Ellon's faithful gain this ability at 1st level.

Control Undead: Clerics of Be'Ellon cannot turn undead, but control them. Unlike other clerics who have to be five levels above the undead to control them, a Cleric of Be'Ellon needs only be of equal level. Also other clerics can control five times their level the number of hit dice of the undead. Be'Ellon's faithful can control ten times their level.

Detect Undead: At 1st level a cleric has the ability to detect undead as per the spell. Instead of detecting undead in the direction he is facing he can detect undead in a 150' radius. A cleric can use this ability once per day per level and there is no component cost.

Animate Dead: Clerics of Be'Ellon gain this power at 1st level. They can begin creating zombies and skeletons. To use this ability the cleric must expend 10gp in components.

Skeletal Warriors: At 3rd level a cleric will gain his first skeletal warrior (see New Monsters & Treasure section). And will gain an addition skeletal warrior every other level. These minions do not count toward the number of undead hit dice a cleric can control. It costs 100gp in components to create a skeletal warrior.

Minor Immunity to Undead: This allows a cleric to pass by minor undead creature (skeletons & zombies) without being attacked. This only works if the undead are not controlled by another. This immunity is broken if the cleric attacks the undead. Clerics of Be'Ellon gain this power at 3rd level.

Speak with Dead: Upon reaching 3rd level the cleric will be able to speak with the dead once/day/level. It takes 50gp worth of components to perform this ritual.

Lantern of Darkness: See New Monsters & Treasure section.

Unhallowed Ground: At 5th level the cleric may create a sacred place for Be'Ellon. The place must be underground or in a place where sunlight cannot reach, it must have an altar and 500gp worth of religious trappings. Unhallowed Ground provides several benefits for the cleric:
1) Provides protection from those of good alignment, giving the cleric and his undead a +2 to AC.
2) Undead cannot be turned in this area.
3) Anyone who dies will turn into a zombie 12 hours later.
4) All clerics need to make a save vs. spell to successfully cast a spell.
Successfully casting the spell has a 35% chance of attracting a shadow guardian. The shadow is linked with the sacred area and has no loyalty to the cleric.
If the altar is destroyed then the blessing is broken.

Summon Minor Undead: At 5th level the cleric may summon any zombies and skeletons in a one mile radius that is not under the control of another. Depending on how far away these undead is will determine how long it will take them to reach the cleric. It costs 100gp in components to cast this ritual and can be cast weekly.

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