Saturday, August 15, 2009

Write! Or the Potato Man Gets It!

Warning. This blog contains graphic content and may not be suitable for all viewers. Please have all children leave the room.

So my wife went nuts last night. I woke up to find my Potato Man gone and this horrible picture of his arm cleaved off as the background on my computer.

She left me his severed arm on my keyboard.

With a ransom note. She took Sid, Vicious and Chet also! The woman goes too far! She wants me to complete my novel, but resorting to butchering the Potato Man is unconscionable. Before I left for work this morning she said two words. "French Fries."

I came home for lunch and found this on my doorstep.

My God! Potato Man!

So for Sid, Vicious and Chet's sake I will start working on my novel again. I'm afraid the next package will include cooked tater tots. Oh the horror.

Be strong Potato Man. I'll get you home. Just hold out a little longer.


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  2. Hope she hasn't read Stephen King's "Misery"...

    Hope your friends return soon.

  3. Your wife sure seems to know how to motivate!