Friday, August 6, 2010

Board Game Marathon

This weekend Dwayne is coming in so our group will be in one room again. I tell you it has been nice because this has been happening a little more often these days. He suggested we have a board game marathon this weekend. Dwayne is an avid collector or board games and rarely gets to play them. The one he is bringing in that I am interest playing is Tomb. I just watched the video and it looks like a lot of fun.

The other board game he mentioned was the Babylon 5 game. I had a hard time finding anything about this one. All of us liked Babylon 5 so it should be interesting.

It's been several years since we've gotten together and done a marathon anything let alone board games. Back then we played a lot of Civilization, Risk (which we had a monster game last time) and they always liked to play those massive WWII games with all the chits. I always hated those. Chits being knocked over and an hour to finish one turn. Not for me.

Looking forward to tomorrow. My wife is aware she will be a gaming widow for the weekend so I am sure I will come home and the house will be decorated for Halloween. She is late this year, it's August 6th and only five pumpkins have appeared. Halloween in not a holiday to her, it's a season.

Have a good Friday everyone and I hope the Gen Con people remember to bathe.

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  1. And here I thought this was going to be a post about 4th edition.

    ; )

    Have fun...I'd like to hear your impressions of Tomb!