Wednesday, August 4, 2010

White Plume Mountain Revisited

In my last post JB over B/X Blackrazor asked me some questions about WPM. It got me to thinking of some of more recent posts especially the one about what happens to dungeons that have been plundered. To answer JB's question, I went through WPM plenty of times, but that was many a year ago when there were no DVDs, no home computers, CDs and a VCR were high tech. Rob did not change the module around, but we didn't know what the background was. We investigated where a sword of power might be located and this one was the closest.

We were informed that there were three weapons of power located within. All of us were 6th level at the time and we tromped through the dungeon and got Wave quickly. We got very lucky killing the 15HD crab. It nearly snipped Ashling into a Halfling. I scored a crit hit and so did Oelander. One more round in the bubble and I would have been bait.

After capturing Blackrazor we decided to leave. We knew there was one more weapon of power, but we were pushing it. There are at least four times where it could have been a TPK. So we decided to head out with Wave and Blackrazor and consider ourselves lucky. I think this is one of the few times when a party decided to bail out with what we had instead of getting greedy and wanting everything.

Now this links into one of more recent posts, Dungeons Revisited. The dungeon wasn't cleared out. The big wizard wasn't killed. He just yelled at us for killing his guardians. The next crew that goes in will find it mostly empty except for the hammer. Will the wizard restock the rooms? Reset the traps? Find more treasure to guard? I think it would be (and I am sure people have done this) taken a classic adventure and recreated after a few adventuring parties had gone through. What would claim it? What alterations would be made? When I think of this kind of thing I think of the Tomb of Horrors (not the Return to the Tomb of Horrors although that has its merits) and developing it a new after several years of adventurers tromping through the hallways, falling into the pits, getting squished and just plain dying.

I have no plans of doing this because I suck at finishing the billion adventures I have half done so no need to add another. But if someone out there knows of someone who has done this please drop a link and let me know. I would love to take a look at it.


  1. Thanks for the info. You know, I've never actually played in any version of WPM, I've only ever run it for others. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Just a note of did you decide decide to destroy Blackrazor (or maybe a better way to put that is "what method of destruction did you decide to perpetrate on the black blade?").

    : )

  2. We haven't destroyed it yet. They decided to do that at the end of the adventure. Most of the talk at the time was who was going to keep it safe. I think they were going to research how it could be destroyed.