Sunday, August 15, 2010

Organizing All My Crap

How long does it take for a gamer to organize his crap? I have no idea because I am still doing it. I have a finished adventure binder which is tiny thin and I have two fat ass binders full of unfinished adventures. Like a knucklehead I have various stage of doneness of modules but have no idea which ones are the most done. So I have to go through them one at a time and get focused on them. One at a time. Ha. Good luck to me on that one.

I also have a lot of peices of writing on my campaign. Those are sort organized. I have them in one spot in one folder. Where as my adventures were on my computer, a laptop, a couple of flash drives and on a harddrive from my old computer the chocked and puked a while back. I've been toying with a combination of systems for my own home brew.

Then there is the matter of limited shelf space. I like my games so I have had to clip a few of the dead braches away. This would include all my 1st ed Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Changeling, Shadowrun and a few midules and suppliments from various things I don't much care for. I've tucked them away not sure quite yet what to do with them. Maybe I'll have a Monty Haul Day.

I've been absorbing the rules of Labyrinth Lord plus the advanced. Been enjoying it quite a bit that and finishing off the bits of the Adventure Path of Kingmaker. I got the PDF for the final one a few weeks back, but have yet to get the print copy. Says is takes 5 to 8 days to deliver and the previous installments were here quick. Well its now 15 days past the delivery date, sent two emails to Pazio and have yet to get a response. Any suggestions out there? Never had a problem with this until now.


  1. Paizo has great customer service...but I'd call. They've been having trouble with the website lately, and you'll get immediate help if you call.

  2. You might try organizing your work with some sort of visual method that is divided into the various stages an in-development module might hit. For instance, you might have Planning, Writing, Revision, Play Test, Play Ready as your stages. Use sticky notes for each module and put them in whatever stage they are currently in then move them whenever you advance a module to the next stage.