Sunday, August 22, 2010

Progress Update

I've been looking about the blogoshere lately and wow there is a frenzy of activity. With James's Weird Fantasy being released and JB's B/X Companion releasing some stellar products and oh, there was this little thing called Gen Con not so long ago. One of these years I may get there.

I saw Rob give a progress report on his Scourge of the Demon Wolf so I thought I would give one of my own. I feel like a complete slacker compared to these others.

Anyways, just checked my Starter Adventures and it has been downloaded 330 times since June 16. Way more than I expected. I thought I would get a 100, Rob said I should get 200. Haven't heard of anyone using them yet so if you have let me know how it went.

The adventure I am working on is call, Knowledge Illuminates. It's a working title right now and may be tossed for another one. Currently the first draft is done. But of course I started tweaking it so the first draft was not all the way done, but almost done. Going to have Rob redo my maps. There is no art to speak of just a simple adventure in a two column format.

The premise is its a low level adventure, but with a couple of hooks for future, high level adventures. The 'dungeon' is an old alchemist worshop. It is a one, possibly two session adventure. The cool thing about it is in the end low level character may have a base of operations and a resource they can use or sell. More information coming.

Have a good gaming week people.

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