Monday, January 3, 2011

Blogs I have Been Digging

I might make this a sorta kinda regular irregular post topic.  Just list some blogs that I have been really enjoying.  Maybe I will say why, maybe I won't.  No sure.  I guess we'll see together.

Black Hole Diaries by R.W. Chandler is very new and has already dipped his toe into the new/old school gaming subject matter.  I like it.  Go check it out.

Destination Unknown by Christian has been posting some great stuff.  I mean come on the guy is posting pictures of fillet mignon and he cooks the best stuff for his gamers when they come over.  Are you kidding me?  Right there that should put him in the gamer HOF.  Christian come on down and get a gold jacket.

The Underdark Gazette by James Smith.  I am so glad James does his weekly gazette of old school news and I don't have to.  He puts a lot of work into his blog and I am always finding stuff I missed during the week.  Make sure you let him know how much you appreciate his efforts.  I know I do.

A Dungeon Master's Tale by James C.  Apparently you can;t have enough good James blogging.  Another new blog to the scene.  But in a short time he has posted a lot of great stuff.  Go check him out.

From the Sorcerer's Skull by Trey has one of the coolest worlds, The City.  He's working on a game called Weird Adventures and I will be one of the first in line to pick up a copy.

Fame & Fortune by Satyre creates a lot of very good inns and taverns.  I've been a huge fan for a while now.  I would love to see him put a collection of his inns and taverns into a PDF.  Go over there and bug him also.  It will be worth it.

Now this is not a complete list of blogs I am grooving on currently, but ones that stick out.  There are so many great blogs, but I do tend to favor the fantasy oriented ones.  If I see a blog about Traveller I hit to snooze button and go back to sleep.  And for some reason I am not huge into the creation of new monsters.  The Fungle Fargle Butt Nugget monster isn't likely to get my attention.  But what I do like is when someone takes a known critter and puts their own twist on it.  Some writes a blog about a giant orc variant I am clicking on that one all day.

I hope you check out some of the new blogs I've listed because they are worth checking out.  I like to direct traffic their way because when I just started out I had a few very cool people help me out that way.  I will probably, maybe, hope to do this regularly.  Give a shout out to the blogs that got my attention or got me thinking.