Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Newbie Blog Award

How about a few shits and giggles?  My wife, the notorious Happy Whisk has been getting blogger awards of late.  And I was thinking, gamers have no arbitrary awards.  So why not?  I made one.

What are the rules and how do you get your grubby hands on one?
This award is for bloggers who have been at it for 6 months or less.  But I reserve the right to ignore everything I say.  

What kind of committee has been formed to make such an important decision?
After much discussion and deliberation and watching reruns of Frasier, I decided it was up to me.  It's my award.  Get your own if you want to give one away.

How often will the prestigious Newbie Blogger Award be given?
Excellent question.

Is there any money that goes along with this award?
If the bloggers wish to bribe me I am okay with that.

How will I handle the fame that comes with the Newbie Blogger Award?
I'm afraid your life will change forever.  I have seen some bloggers stop writing after receiving the award because they had no higher goal to achieve, left their families to hang out with con girls who dress up like super heroes and one poor soul thought since he had won the award that even he could make 4e cool.  Shame.

The First Newbie Blogger Award Goes To.....

Hack & Slash
There have been a lot of great new blogs coming out so it was no easy to decide, but Hack & Slash gets the nod.  I was one of -C first followers and have been enjoying his blog for a while now.  He's an old schooler who writes some insightful blogs about the game and how he approaches it.

Congratulations -C for winning the very first, completely useless, gamer blog award that I know of.


  1. I don't have a 20 but I do have this lovely plate of brownies. Fresh from the oven.

  2. Sweet! Another awesome blog to read.

  3. It's cool that Whisk is winning some awards...I hope she took my advice and stopped proof-reading!
    ; )

    I wish I was eligible for your newbie award...I just want a patch with a downed knight on my blog!
    : )

  4. First, Thanks.

    Second, six new followers in the three hours since you gave the award so thanks again.

    Third, I'm doing some cool stuff over on my blog.
    There's a ~45 page psionics class revision with items, class, powers, etc for OSRIC, Hackmaster, and 1st and 2nd edition games. There's a 20+ page document on generating interesting treasure. And I'm currently working on a 20+ page document that is a comprehensive trap/trick reference.

    I was just reading your "Blogs I have been digging post" and dreaming of the stars.


    p.s. I am a bit of a foodie, and read your wife's blog on a regular basis. :-) RPG and cooking posts? win.

  5. Dang - missed the cut-off by a few months. Great idea though - I like anything that helps me find new blogs to peruse.

  6. Very cool!

    I'd like to nominate a friend of mine's for future consideration. Justin Davis' "A Field Guide to Doomsday" ( is an ongoing, illustrated bestiary for Mutant Future. It's a hoot.

  7. OK, let me nominate Rather Gamey (not sure it is under the six months mark but there are not a lot of posts and lately it's been really a great read.