Sunday, January 16, 2011

Low-Tech, Knockspell and One Weird Die

Yesterday I went to my FLGS and picked up a couple of goodies.  Wasn't sure what I would find because there isn't a standard gaming stash there.  He's been getting more old-school gaming stuff in because Rob Conley has been running his Majestic Wilderlands using Swords & Wizardry ruleset there.  Trying to spread some of the OSR gospel.

I was hoping to get the 1st issue of Knockspell because it was the only one I didn't have.  I lucked out and one was there.  Then GURPS has their new Low-Tech books out and this one I went back and forth on for a short while until I cracked it open.  GURPS does not put out back books.  Period.  It's a $30 hardcover with 160 pages.  A lot of good content.  My one pet peeve with them right now is they released the book in October, I think, and already they have three companions out for it in PDF.  LT1: Philosophers & Kings, 36 pages $8.  LT2: Weapons & Warriors, 40 pages, $8.  LT3: Daily Life & Economics, 52 pages at $10.  The reason why this is a little annoying is they could have included it in the hardcover.  The Character book was $40 at 336 pages.  So now to get all of it I have to spend another $26 to get them in PDF instead of paying another $10 to get them included in the hardcover.  Grrr.  I didn't even know I was going to have a mini grumble here, but there it is.  I know gaming companies have to make money, but not by playing these number games with their public.

Big breath.  Knockspell Issue #1 which I had read when it first came out, but hadn't gotten a copy for myself until yesterday.  I like Knockspell.  Hope they come out with more issues.  I read what I could over at the forums (I cannot hide my disdain for forums)  and it looks like Knockspell is hibernation.  Hope to hear how it goes because it is a great magazine.

The last thing I got yesterday was this weird little die.  My surprise purchase.  I've been collecting strange little dies like these lately.  I figured I could use it when the players come upon an NPC that I haven't fleshed out just to get a general sense of the person's mood.  Not sure who makes this die, but it has faces on five sides and then the corresponding mood description on the other five sides.  Simple, but effective I think.

Adventure Update:
Ivy has completed her edits and most of my stuff survived although I believe her editing pen is a +5 vorpal.  Slash, hack, big ass X through a paragraph.  It's bloodier than a crazed orc horde. Since the Steelers won yesterday I can relax and have the peace of mind to go through the edits.


  1. I like that mood die. Very good stuff! Good luck with the edits to your adventure!

  2. That's a pet peeve I can get behind. The prices are a little on the high side, taking the added inconvenience into account.

    I'm with you both on the die though. Is there anywhere to get dice made on demand in small runs? Seems to me that could catch on in the same way as mugs and T-shirts have. Some kind of home etcher would be good too.

  3. Christian> Thanks. Edits are going although I seem to be avoiding them right now.

    Porky> I'm not sure about the dice thing. Although that would be extremely cool. But somewhere in my bad memory I thought I saw someone made personalized dice, but I don't remember who, how much or what quality they would be. If I find out though I'll post it. Or if you find out let me know.

  4. Sure thing - I'd tell the world!