Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Burn it to the Ground, Burn it All

In every group there seems to be a pyromaniac.  He's the guy who has more flasks of oil than healing potions.  A dedicated lot.  Zealots of the flame.  Fire freaks.  Combustible mamas.  Whatever you want to call them, you'll find one in the group somewhere.

We have our pyromaniac, Chris from Clash of Spear on Shield, is ours.  He plays Dante...hmm, I wonder if that's a coincidence?  Anyway.  His guy has kegs of oil.  He doesn't piss around with flasks.  Flasks are for sissies and people who like to drink with their pinky sticking out.  Dante likes to burn things.  Dante likes to burn people.  Dante likes to watch the flame crawl over and envelop and feed.  He's a flame psychopath and I approve.

Because of his passion for the flame and our constant need to look up the flaming oil damage rules I went through a bunch of rulebooks and collected the different rules for systems I could find.  If you know of another rule for another system please put it in the comments so I can add it. And please add any house rules you use in your game. 

Adventurer, Conqueror, King: Dealing 1d8 points of damage for 2 rounds. 
Adventures Dark & Deep Roll d20, 18 or less breaks. If it bursts on the target, 2d6 first round, 1d6 on the second, then burns out. If it bursts on the ground, 1d3 to everyone in 3' radius. All assuming that the vial breaks as above, and if the oil is ignited. Pg 92-93
Ambition & Avarice: 1d8 damage to anyone directly struck and 1d4 splash damage
Bare Bones Fantasy: three damage grades: mild (1D), moderate (2D), or severe (3D). Flammable objects have a 50% chance to catch on fire and continue to cause 1D damage each turn 9(...) Factors such as (...) dousing in oil may modify the roll. (p.33)
Basic Fantasy: Oil does 1d8 for two rounds (p. 49).

Blood & Treasure: Burns for two rounds and deal 1d4 points of fire damage. 
Castles & Crusades: Could not find information about oil damage.

Crypts & Things: Could not find information about oil damage. 
Dragon Age: Could not find information about oil damage.

Dungeons & Dragons, 1st Ed: 2d6 damage the first round, 1d6 damage the second round. 
Dungeons & Dragons, 3rd Ed: 1d6 on a direct hit, 1hp of damage for splash damage. 
Dungeons & Dragons, 4th Ed: Oil burns for 2 rounds and deals 1d3 points of fire damage to each creature in the area. 
Five Ancient Kingdoms: A flask of oil may be set alight or hurled at an opponent with a normal missile attack roll (a hurled flask cannot achieve a "bulls-eye" result). Success indicates the target takes one hit of damage, and an additional hit every round thereafter until the flames are extinguished. A flaming torch may be used as an improvised melee weapon (see Brawling) but will not set a target aflame unless extremely flammable (for example, already covered in oil).

GURPS: If it bursts on the target, 3d burning, then 1d burning per second. If it hits the ground, 1d-1 burning per second to everyone in a 1 yd radius. Either way, it lasts 10d seconds and DR protects at 1/5 (unless sealed). p. 411
HackMaster 4th Ed: Oil causes damage only when it is lit. Sometimes this requires a two-step process, such as when tossing oil into melee with allies. Step one is soaking the target in oil. Step two is hitting him with a torch, candle, open lantern, Fireball or the like. Thus, using flaming oil often requires two successful attacks. Another method is to light a soaked piece of cloth tied to the oil flask. . . Use this method when there are no friendly troops involved or when you dislike your allies. A direct hit from flaming oil burns for two rounds, causing 2d6 points of damage the first round and 1d6 points of damage in the second" Page 137
HackMaster Basic: Oil cannot be used as a weapon. 
Labyrinth Lord: 1d8 for 2 rounds.
Lamentations of the Flame Princess: 1d4 points of damage. If the damage roll is 4, make a save vs. breath weapon or take 1d4 more damage on next action. If that roll is a 4 as well, character is engulfed in flame, taking 1d8 damage per round. (p. 61)
Neoclassical Geek RevivalCould not find information about oil damage. 
OSRIC: "A mummy is susceptible to fire as follows: a hit from a torch will deal 1d3 hp damage, a flask of burning oil causes 1d8 hp on the first round and 2d8 hp on the second round, and magical fires deal +1 for each die of damage." (p248 OSRIC - A5 2013 Version)
Pathfinder: Oil burns for 2 rounds and deal 1d3 damage to those within the area.
Swords & Wizardry Complete: 1d4 damage on a successful hit, and 1 more point of damage per round for the next 2 rounds.
Swords & Wizardry Core: see S&W Complete
Tunnels & Trolls: Could not find information about oil damage.
As you can see there are a lot of systems I couldn't find the damage or it there was a ruling on using oil.  If you know it let me know.  One of the more surprising things I found was how HackMaster didn't allow it.  The game that has 142 different fireball spells.  All of a sudden wanted to go realistic with the oil.  Thought that was a bit amusing.  The deadliest is still AD&D.  Devastating weapon. 

These are all the systems I had available on my shelf.  I'm not sure which version of T&T I have.  So if you play and know the rule for another system let me know.  I want to be the definitive place where you can whip a flask of oil and know what to expect.