Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Getting Lost

Another successful dungeon crawl session last night.  A few more trinkets in our pockets and a few more gold bars to weigh down our cave goats.  We are going farther into the mega-dungeon than ever before.  Last night something happened that can be a killer in a mega-dungeon, we got lost.  After a dead body and peeing experiment into a glowing green ring, we all stepped into the one-way teleporter (we did not know it was one way at the time) and now in a section of the dungeon we've never been. 

Although I don't think we are too far off.  Many of the same creatures and same mushroom crops are in the area.  The mega-dungeon has an functioning ecology system we are only beginning to understand.  But there are sections dedicated to certain races.  I was pleased not to be teleported over a 100' pit. 

Along the way we are finding bits and pieces of a larger culture/belief system in the elements.  Everything seems to be tinged with evil.  Also along the way we are finding evidence of a older culture, possibly the creators of the dungeon who have a mysterious way of scribing their magical language.  After talking to one mage, he gave us more information about that ancient race, but still most of the things we come across, we are guessing as to their purpose. 

Each session we get a little peek.  Sometimes we understand more, sometime less.  But getting lost helps because now we can't just back out of the dungeon when things go wrong.  Now we need to understanding the dungeon.  To learn its laws.  Learn its ecology.  And once we do that we can force it to give up its secrets.