Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Question

Lately I've been splitting time between issue #5 of the Manor and developing a campaign setting and a ruleset to go with it.  Most of what I'm doing with the ruleset is a pick and choose of what I like from other systems.  The most mine in the creation will be the class concepts based on the culture they come from.  Even then I am stealing from every article/supplement/post I can find.  There is no shortage of class variant information.

The world itself will be about 80% mine and 20% borrowed.  This will help with time on my part and because people have better idea than I do at least explain them better.  So if you find a great concept why try to over think it.  Use it.  I've started building my campaign influence page.  There will be blog posts, articles and products I am using.  I'll write a few sentences to describe how I'm using it and/or why I like it. 

So my question to you is do you have a favorite campaign setting?  Homemade?  Canned?  Fantasy?  Cyberpunk?  What setting gets you to salivate?

Without a doubt mine has been Judge Guild, City-State of the Invincible Overlord.  Primarily because +Rob Conley has run me through his campaign world through the years.  I enjoy wandering the streets of City-State because I always seem to find new things and get into the same old trouble.  It's a blast.  In addition I know the history and understand the interaction between cultures and classes and a bit of the history.  Some of the old characters helped define some of the history.

So what is your favorite setting?