Wednesday, February 5, 2014

An Orc Reviews The Manor #5

Dylan Hartwell over at his Digital Orc blog took time out of his schedule to do a review of The Manor #5.  He gives a great overview of the zines flaws and what he enjoyed.  I cannot deny these flaws and my run on sentence...which after he wrote about I'm thinking one of my editors (I had two read through it) mention that long rambling sentence and for some reason I ignored or forgot their suggestion.  See another run on sentence.  I do that.

The one thing he mentions that I have complete control over is the appearance quality.  I had a batch of Manors where they looked like they were wearing pin-stripped suits.  I thought I had put those aside to toss out, but apparently I didn't and in my carelessness they must have made it back into my pile on zines.  If anyone else had a zine arrive all mucky, let me know and I'll ship out a fresh one.  Without the streaks.

Should you be so inclined, head over to Dylan's corner of the blogosphere and read the review.  He has also has some good things to say to you know. 


  1. Time:
    I'll take ownership of the missing quotation mark and the missing hyphen. {"Bad proofreader, bad! BAD!} I also missed the run-on sentence. (I'll be honest, at the time I couldn't come up with a better way to say the same information.)
    I'll try harder next time, Tim. If you'll still use me, that is. :(

    1. ha no worries Boric, I believe it was you who pointed the run on sentence. I think I tried to fix it, couldn't quite get it, thought I would come back to it and fix it, but didn't. Ah well.

  2. I very much like Manor 5, I hope the negatives I mentioned didn't overshadow that.:)

    Also, I hate throwing stones while I live in a glass house. I was prepping game material from Tombstones of Terror and found a hideous series of sentences in which I use the term "town" more than five times! Ug

    1. I hear you. I read my text over a couple of handful of times and I still can't scrub it clean.

      Ha, no, your negatives are a good thing. Points out areas I need to take notice of to try and make future issues better.