Monday, February 3, 2014

Game Night

Tonight Adzeer Matiu takes his new black sword of demon slaying into Monteport.  The sword is a normal against everything except demons.  Against demons it turns into a death machine.  It is +6 vs Demons.  It does 6d6 damage against demons.  Then it deals 6 points of damage vs. the wielder on a successful hit.

I think this is a great weapon.  While Adzeer has a few hit points, those 6 points of damage will add up quickly.  +Ken H built a great weapon.  Can't wait to use it and figure out a strategy.  There are a few larger demons we needed to run away from last time.  Maybe with this new sword we'll be able to finally get through the beasts.

Yesterday may have been the Super Bowl, but tonight is game night.  And we're much funnier than the commercials.  At least we think so.