Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Using My Tavern Cards

Yesterday I wrote about my Tavern Cards from the same named Kickstarter.  I thought I'd use them to create a tavern on the spot.  Somewhere I thought I saw someone using a Tavern Card Spread, but can't find it or I may just have made it up in mind.  So I'm creating my own Official Gothridge Manor Tavern Card Spread (OGMTCS).  I have no idea what that means.  I'm off sick from work today so I may be a little delusional.

Here's how the OGMTCS works.  You shuffle the cards and then lay out four of the cards in a square...  What?  Did you expect some Tarot Card fancy smancy spread.  Not here.  Not now.  So make a square with the four cards.  The top two will be the name.  The bottom two are features you will find in the tavern.  Now I need to find the camera because this is going to need visual aids. 

This is what a shuffled deck of Tavern Cards should look like.  While they may look exactly like an unshuffled deck I assure you they are shuffled.  I'm a trained professional.

This is what an Official Gothridge Manor Tavern Card Spread (OGMTCS) looks like.  Please don't let this intimidate you.  And please don't get frustrated if you can't do it correctly the first time.  it takes practice and patience.  If you need assistance you can email me for instructions.

So the we take the top two cards for the name.  The one on the left has a verb/adjective on the left side of the card and the top right card has the noun on the right side of the card.  For beginners left is this way < and right is this way >, unless you are standing on your head, then reverse.  The name of our tavern is The Thirsty Mare.

At the bottom part of the OGMTCS are a couple of features of The Thirsty Mare.  It's got cheap rooms and burly bouncers.  It's like magic.  I now have a tavern that the players can enter and burn down later in the session.

The Thirsty Mare
The Thirsty Mare was once a high end tavern where rich merchants mingled with young nobles.  Their libertine activities were accompanied by an influx of the criminal element.  When the novelty of the Drinking Mare wore off, the merchants and nobles left, but the criminal element remained.  It is now a place known to be run by the Shadow Merchants, a guild of thieves and thugs.  While they run the tavern as a regular business there is a lot of side tranactions going on.  Fights rarely happen at The Thirsty Mare because the bouncers use poisons and toxic powders to quell conflicts.  Any damage done to the tavern has a street price set, it averages to be 10x the amount of the actually cost of the damage.  If you destroy a chair that costs 3sp, you'd better deliver 30sp in a timely manner or you may find yourself mugged, home looted or your favorite pet nailed to your door.  The place is run by a man called, Grist.  He bears the ritual scarring practiced by the mad shamans that live on the Porvose Reef.  He is a large man with unusual powers.  Many come to him for counsel.

I think its not a half bad tavern.  Definitely something I can use.  All inspired by Tavern Cards and the use of the OGMTCS.