Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mini Rant Alert

Actually not so much of a rant as an annoyance.  And the thing that is annoying me wasn't directed at me, but it has happened in the past.  Here's my annoyance.  When someone describes some magical thing in their world, whether it be a place or thing or creature and then someone comes along and says its not logical or makes no sense.  They some how get caught up in the plausibility of something magical...


This flows over into other gaming things.  I'll use falling damage as an example.  Where some folks will argue that d6 per 10' is not what was intended and not realistic.  I've got no problem with someone doing the work and using it in the game their running.  If they want to figure out gravity and mass and squishiness of things, go for it.  But when they are arguing with someone else about it just makes me turn the channel.  In a game where you have armies of skeletons and fireballs a flinging they get caught up in the reality of a 10' fall.

I guess this relates to what +Ken H  wrote about in his post, You're Playing It Wrong.  Years ago, when I was mainly a GURPS player, I found this attitude pervasive through out the community.  I read the boards and the arguments that went on, surprised me.  GURPS does an excellent job of recreating a realistic simulation.  Almost to a fault. I only use GURPS as an example because I have experience with it.  I'm sure there are others.  But because of that attitude I saw on the boards//forums, I had no interest in joining or becoming part of the GURPS community.  Not everyone was like that, but enough that it turned me off to joining.

I see that less in the old school arena.  There is a lot more tolerance for different ideas on how to handle things.  I don't get into gaming to argue with others.  Unless its my gaming group, then its fun.  It's one of the main reason why I did decide to begin this blog almost five years ago.  Most of the time if there is a difference of opinion with gaming stuff (I won't go into the meta gaming crap that sometimes flares up) it's shared.  Only on occasion do you see a pompous ass argue that you are wrong and they are right.  In those cases you just nod and treat them like that crazy uncle you have that thinks a dog is chasing him when he gets drunk.  "Old Uncle Bob is at it again.  Pay him no mind, once he gets tired he sleep it off."

So I guess I need to go sleep it off.

Rant over.