Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mail Call, Tavern Cards Are in My Grasp

Today when I went to the PO Box and inside was a yellow ticket.  That means they have a package for me.  So I go to the desk and I trade my yellow ticket for a package.  I really like seeing yellow tickets in my box.  I get my package and I open it up and what do I see???


I went for the six deck option.  Oh yeah.  +Hannah Lipsky came through in a big way.  I really like the final product.

This is what they look like spread out in a neat line.  Lots of color.  Bold pictures.  And fun way to instantly develop a tavern.

Here's what they look like messy.  I like the messy look better.  It shows off the colors and some of the art.  Each card has a verb or adjective on left side and a noun on the right.  So you can pull two cards and get tavern names like....Violet Stableboy....The Charming Harlot....The Jumping Rogue.  Then each card depicts something about the tavern.  A few examples are...minstrel...gaming game....free round of drinks.  So with a few cards you got yourself a playable tavern.

On more serious news.  +Erik Tenkar is a bad person.  Don't be fooled by his giveaways and his contests.  It's all a cover.  The man is malicious.  He used his powers of persuasion and lured me into the evil grasp of another Kickstarter.  I just get one in the win column and "he pulls me right back in".  I've joined the ranks of the Scarlet Heroes Kickstarter.  +Kevin Crawford is about as solid as they come.  And I think he's running this Kickstarter intelligently.  Plus he knows how to write a kickass game.

Oh, but wait.  I'm not quite done.  I snuck in something else...I bought a copy of Torchbearer RPG.

I bought it off eBay so I will wait for another one of those yellow tickets to appear in my post office box.  I'm not sure why I was fascinated by this one, but I was and found it for a decent price. 

Time to go deal out a few taverns.