Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Little Help from My Friends for a Friend

Bear with me while I is what I want to do.  One of my co-workers who is a good friend of mine also was diagnosed with cancer.  Apparently it's one of the more curable varieties, but he's missing a lot of work due to chemo treatments.  At my work we are doing fundraisers for him to help cover the costs.  I would like to do my own fundraiser for him, a gaming one.

My plan is to load up a box of gaming materials, a bunch, guessing the value would be in the $150 to $200 range, then do a raffle.  I'd sell entries for $5 and $10.  I was going to do $1, but with all the fees that Paypal and/or GoFundMe take, it's not a viable option.

So my question, is there a better way to do something like this?  If you have a suggestion please share it with me.  I'd like to get this start within the week.