Sunday, June 14, 2015

Book Store Doodles and Not So Ancient Gaming Artifacts

I was at Barnes today at the bookstore.  I was working on something and dicked around a bit too long and my battery went dead mid-sentence.  I don't care how many damn time it warns me, I'm always shocked when it goes dead.  And of course I rarely remember to save.  I sorta special that way.  So after cursing beneath my breath because I did not want to teach the two little kids behind me new words, I grabbed my ultra-cool graph paper book I use to doodle in, maps, ideas, adventures or maybe just a room.  Today I just did simple graph maps.

I don't draw any details, just make lines and rooms.  Than I shade one block outside the map.  Mainly because I can't crosshatch like +Dyson Logos or +matt jackson.  I fuck it up everytime.  And I did not have the patience or elbow room to draw the artistic rubble that +MonkeyBlood Design does.  Mine is a poor imitation at best.  So I get out my 1st grader mindset and get to coloring.  So I colored and almost always kept within the lines.

But while I was looking through the book I came across two sheets of paper from Con on the Cob from two and half years ago.  Not the archeological find  +trey causey had earlier in the week, but significant enough.

This is from the adventure run by Dylan Hartwell, he wrote the blog, Digital Orc.  Great guy.  We got to know each other over the net and worked together, Dylan provided me with some fantastic creepy art for my Knowledge Illuminated adventure and an adventure in issue 6 of The Manor.  Dylan is no longer blogging, but I believe he is still gaming.  I need to go back and look at his adventures.  He was killing it for a while.