Sunday, June 21, 2015

Free RPG Day Giveaway

Yesterday was free RPG Day.  I got some loot.  I got some duplicate loot and here is some of the loot I am going to give away.  It seems I have 3 copies of Better Than Any Man.  I think I got one when it came out, another very generous person sent me free RPG stuff last year when I didn't get attend Free RPG Day and I picked up a copy yesterday.  It's probably one of the best offerings from Free RPG Day that I remember.  Well I got 3 of them and I only plan to keep 1.  So I am offering two for the giveaway.  Here's what you have to do...comment.  I'll ship to where ever you live.  Postage is on me.

Those that live outside the US please put that in your comment because I know you guys and gals don't get free RPG Day so your comments are going to count as two.  For once, living outside the US in these giveaways, is going to be an advantage.

I might have a few other things to throw into the giveaway pool later in the week.  I need to do some reorganization.  These gaming products need a good home.  I should have made a video Sarah McLachlan song playing the background.

Happy Father's Day to those who have the honor of such a title.

 ADDITION: I'll determine the winners at 9pm EST tonight.