Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Falling into Thedas (Starting a New Game, New System)

This weekend we are going to start our monthly face-to-face game.  I'd like to do it at least every other weekend, but let's see if we can even manage the once a month gathering.  I'll be running a Dragon Age session using the Core book.  I was going to use the quickstart rules, but all the players bought the PDF of the core rulebook so I'll run with that.

Last night I was prepping the session at the bookstore and one of the things I do to help me learn a system is create characters.  In this case NPCs.  The book has a lot of good pre-made stat blocks included, but there are a quite a few NPCs I wanted to flesh out.  So far I've made an elven apostate and a Antivan Wayfarer who is a ban (or knight) at Redcliffe.  There are a few more I want done before Sunday.

I'm using the background of Dragon Age, I bought the two books from Dark Horse comics to help explain the history and of course I've been playing the hell out of Inquisition.  I like the background, their take on mages and the ever looming threat of the BIG enemy, darkspawn.

What I intend to do is slice off a small section of the world, and as I mentioned already, it will include the Village of Redcliffe, and build an adventure sandbox around Redcliffe and the immediate area.  I've got a general main adventure tumbling around in my head, but I want to build some side adventures, or options if the players don't bite on the main hook. I like giving my players the option on how they would like to die.  I am generous in that way.

So on my to-do list is, make more NPCs, sketch out the main plot, develop a few side stories, a few that connect with the main plot and a few that are independent, reread the combat and magic rules for the 12th time and then maybe draw up some maps if I have time.

If the game goes well I hope to run it on-line in a Google hangout in the future.  I don't want all this Dragon Age knowledge to go to waste.