Sunday, September 20, 2015

Random Map Mon...errr Sunday

I've been slacking with my map making duties.  Or at least not posting what I've been making.  I've been attempting a few more blending techniques.  Not sure how I feel about them.  This one was drawn while watching two episodes of Persons of Interest.  My current Netflix addiction.  

I put this one in overlaid the hex grid.  I haven't decided on the scale.  I go back and forth on making the hexes 2 miles or leaving the hexes off and making it a much small location, putting a few houses in the green.  If I keep it on the smaller scale I can use it for a micro-adventure.  

Earlier this month I was hyper productive and this past week I've been stalled and my creativity taking a huge shit.  I'm hoping to find something to develop this week. 

Looking forward to Wednesday's game, but also thinking about getting a second game going on-line.  I'll have to see who might be interested and what they want to roll with.