Thursday, September 24, 2015

My New Favorite Person in the OSR is....

I received this in the mail yesterday, a handmade leather cover with a Moleskin graphpaper book inside.  The magnificent bastard who sent me this was none other than +Mark Hassman.  This made my day...hell my week.

This what the book looks like inside.  It's a 3" x 5.5" book with quarter inch graph paper.  What I love about this bad boy is, there is a slot in my vehicle that it pits perfectly into.  Today I put a pencil holder in one of the cup holders and put some pencils pens and markers in there so I have my own portable map making office.  While at lunch today I was able to doodle a map.

I absolutely loved doing that at lunch.  Gave me something to focus on besides all the crap I need to do at work.  Thank you a ton Mark.  The gift is very much appreciated and I hope to return the favor very soon.