Friday, February 19, 2016

Character Zine

So tonight's game was cancelled...just like Wednesday's game.  Oh, and Tuesday's game.  Had three games scheduled this week and none of them worked out.  No worries, while I was waiting around for tonight's game I made a character zine. 

What's a character zine?

Well shit, I am so glad you asked.  It is a simple 20-page zine, with lined pages.  I custom made the cover, the one pictured is for the White Star game.  And I am lousy at keeping my notes and character in the same place so I hunt for all the note cards, pages and what notebook I put it in.  With this my chances increase.

Since my original character zine I have already decided I will update it with graph paper pages and blank pages for possible pictures or maps. 

So when you your game gets called off, make a character zine.

1 comment:

  1. Nice idea. Always wondered what to do when a campaign came to an unexpected end. Hope to be dropping by more frequently in the future.

    Great work - keep it up, sir :)