Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mythoard, You Wonderful Bastard

Take a moment to check out the picture above.  That's what I got in the last Mythoard.  Go ahead.  Touch the picture.  Make it bigger.  It won't hurt.  

So Mythoard, you wonderful bastard.   This month was fantastic, a round of applause for +Jarrod Shaw and his clan that work so hard getting these boxes out to all of us.  Bravo.
You know its going to be a fantastic hoard when there is shit on the outside of the box!  Yes there was. 

The first product I spied with my little eye was The Dungeon of the Demon Strata by +Chris Tregenza of +6d6.  What a cool book.  I will admit it will take me some time to get the gist of this way of playing.  I read through it a couple times, but would love to see it run in an actual game.  Despite that, the dungeon itself is an interesting concept and I love the layout of it.  There are a few elements, especially the easy, medium and hard tasks setup.

The small items inside were two, plastic silhouette miniatures.  A discount code for Big Damn Dryden, a big d12 hit location die!! (I love getting dice no matter what they are or if I have one, possible two...okay I have three of them now), and the final insert is Robot Uprising by +James Spahn who also had another product in this month's box.  

Did I just say James Spahn, the man takes pleasure in taunting me, but I do not let that color my opinion of him or his products.  Included was a softback copy of White Star, probably the hottest new(ish) game system in the past year or so.  I bought the PDF a while back and now I am playing in a Friday night game over at +Erik Tenkar's, so its good to have a copy to flip through.

Let me demonstrate the value of Mythoard with this example.  To get the softcover of White Star on RPGNow is $19.99 that does not include shipping.  And White Star is very much worth it.  But I got a copy in Mythoard that the subscription is only $25 a month.  So hell yeah it's worth every penny.

The First Sentinel by Edwin Nagy for the +Lesser Gnome crew headed by +Zach Glazar.  Lesser Gnome products are always fantastic quality.  The art, layout, editing and adventure quality is hard to match.  

Last but not least has been a constant in Mythoards, an old Judges Guild product raised from the crypt of yesteryear.  This time it was the Astrogators Chartbook.  My good friend +Rob Conley says its a very cool book.  I have no idea.  It's still in the plastic and I feel like I am violating an artifact if I break the seal.  But I'll do it damn it.  I swear I will. 

As you can see/read this Mythoard has a heavy sci-fi slant.  I really enjoyed this month a lot and looking forward to the next month of course, but for now I am going to look at my hoard again.

Same picture as above, but I do just like looking at it.  Go subscribe to Mythoard.  It will make you smarter and better looking...and a lot of you out there can use all the help you can get. 


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  2. Thanks Tim! I love puttimg these together and reading about how folks dig them is the jam.

    Note: Demon Strata from 6d6 was from the last hoard. I just failed in getting them ordered in time to go in that box... Doh!

    1. Well jam well here. It was exciting to see something outside the box. Well done Jarrod.

  3. Unfortunately, shipping fees make Mythhoard prohibitevely expensive for those of us overseas.

  4. I'll order it just to get smarter and better looking. If it works I'll buy them all.