Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mythoard, You Wonderful Bastard

Take a moment to check out the picture above.  That's what I got in the last Mythoard.  Go ahead.  Touch the picture.  Make it bigger.  It won't hurt.  

So Mythoard, you wonderful bastard.   This month was fantastic, a round of applause for +Jarrod Shaw and his clan that work so hard getting these boxes out to all of us.  Bravo.
You know its going to be a fantastic hoard when there is shit on the outside of the box!  Yes there was. 

The first product I spied with my little eye was The Dungeon of the Demon Strata by +Chris Tregenza of +6d6.  What a cool book.  I will admit it will take me some time to get the gist of this way of playing.  I read through it a couple times, but would love to see it run in an actual game.  Despite that, the dungeon itself is an interesting concept and I love the layout of it.  There are a few elements, especially the easy, medium and hard tasks setup.

The small items inside were two, plastic silhouette miniatures.  A discount code for Big Damn Dryden, a big d12 hit location die!! (I love getting dice no matter what they are or if I have one, possible two...okay I have three of them now), and the final insert is Robot Uprising by +James Spahn who also had another product in this month's box.  

Did I just say James Spahn, the man takes pleasure in taunting me, but I do not let that color my opinion of him or his products.  Included was a softback copy of White Star, probably the hottest new(ish) game system in the past year or so.  I bought the PDF a while back and now I am playing in a Friday night game over at +Erik Tenkar's, so its good to have a copy to flip through.

Let me demonstrate the value of Mythoard with this example.  To get the softcover of White Star on RPGNow is $19.99 that does not include shipping.  And White Star is very much worth it.  But I got a copy in Mythoard that the subscription is only $25 a month.  So hell yeah it's worth every penny.

The First Sentinel by Edwin Nagy for the +Lesser Gnome crew headed by +Zach Glazar.  Lesser Gnome products are always fantastic quality.  The art, layout, editing and adventure quality is hard to match.  

Last but not least has been a constant in Mythoards, an old Judges Guild product raised from the crypt of yesteryear.  This time it was the Astrogators Chartbook.  My good friend +Rob Conley says its a very cool book.  I have no idea.  It's still in the plastic and I feel like I am violating an artifact if I break the seal.  But I'll do it damn it.  I swear I will. 

As you can see/read this Mythoard has a heavy sci-fi slant.  I really enjoyed this month a lot and looking forward to the next month of course, but for now I am going to look at my hoard again.

Same picture as above, but I do just like looking at it.  Go subscribe to Mythoard.  It will make you smarter and better looking...and a lot of you out there can use all the help you can get.