Sunday, February 28, 2016

Isometeric Mapping...Always Take Lots of Asprin Before Attempting

The other day I wrote about my Adventure Creation last Tuesday.  A short adventure created using a few random tables.  I put out a call for a title and had Ivy pick one she liked.  She liked the Hobgoblin Bottle Run, but kept saying The Hoblin Goblin Bottle Run.  I am keeping Ivy's version, but thank you to +Jens D. for the title inspiration.

I drew a side view map.  It was okay.  A little boring.  It is a vertical adventure with the chapel, basement, well and tunnel.  I thought I would give the isometric map a shop.  This was my first real attempt at one.  I had blood coming out of my left eye by the time I finished.

A clunky attempt, but I'll take it.  Right now I'm not capable of making a better one.  But I like that I decided on this style.  It is a better representation of the adventure.  I'll try to clean it up some, add the map text and see if I can make those lines go away. 

Wanna know something else cool?  +Jim Magnusson is on board to do a couple of pictures for the adventure!  He's working on one for a hobgoblin and one with stirges!