Sunday, February 21, 2016

No Games = Time Well Spent?

Last week I had a game scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  None of them worked out.  As we did not get to game.  However, I got to hangout with some cool folks and talk a lot about gaming.  Monday night I had the pleasure to speak with +Rob Conley and +Daniel McEntee.  My local gaming crew.  Then on Wednesday night +Chris C. and I got to hangout and discuss a lot about gaming philosophies.  We will always disagree about anime and Supertramp, but it's always a pleasure talkoing with Chris.  And on Friday night it was +Peter V. Dell'Orto and +Douglas Cole.  I got to pay my respects to Peter, I often forget how much fantastic writing he's done for GURPS that I have read and use.  And Doug with his Technical Grappling system that we published in Manor #8.

While we didn't get to game it was great just talking about gaming.  Something I don't do very often.  While we share a lot on blogs and Google+, there is rarely a conversation.  I think Chris and I were talking about the virtues of monochrome covers of the old TSR modules.

Doug and Peter were talking about GURPS Thursday and that made me want to dig out some of my old stuff and participate.  I might not have my GURPS chops any more, but I still got some gas in the tank and I'm not afraid to go back to 3rd edition GURPS.

Rob, Dan and I were discussing a joint project.  It's cool to sit down face-to-face with friends and go over ideas and progress made and see how it all fits together.

While no games were played, time was well spent.