Thursday, February 4, 2016

Treasures for My Peoples

January's Micro-Adventures are flying out the door tomorrow.  I'm sending out two laminated offerings this month, On the Banks of Pulling Creek and The Houghington House.  Those patrons that pledge $2.50 and above will receive copies of both.  Everyone else, feel free to grab the PDF.

I started January like a ball of fire.  I completed these two and we on my way to complete two more, but wow did work get crazy.   But enough about work.  Here's a dancing red haired goblin.

If you enjoy creepy little adventure, or locations to plant adventure seeds or just like the dancing goblin, please join my Patreon campaign, Micro-Adventures, and you'll get some cool stuff in the mail...I can't promise you a dancing goblin though.


  1. I do not even have $2.50... but the best of luck with the "fund-raiser"... and a great weekend to you and the Happy Whisk...

  2. Good stuff! Did you use motion capture to give that goblin your dance moves?

  3. Love the goblin. Life got crazy for me as well and impacted my output on a serious level. Hopefully things turn around for you soon!

  4. Got 'em today. You shouldn't be sorry I fell down the well, it's my own fault for getting drunk!