Sunday, February 7, 2016

Mapping Winter is Hard

I was drawing a few maps this weekend and I've been trying to figure out how to make a winter-like map without leaving big parts blank.  What I attempted this time is to use a light blue color and then up the contrast so only hints of it popped up here and there giving the white starkness some sort of texture.  While I think it succeeded in some ways and my best (and only) attempt, but still needs some work to get it where I like it. 

I used a couple of 'green' islands in the snow to help with the difference.  Next time I'll play with more muted colors.


  1. I think this is the right idea. Brie had me paint a snowman figurine for her just before Christmas, and I had the same dilemma and solution.

  2. 1d20 Features in snow and ice

    1. Rock outcrops.
    2. Huddled frozen corpses.
    3. Single frozen corpse.
    4. snow covered tree.
    5. Snow cavity.
    6. Bog concealed beneath ice crust.
    7. Hotpools.
    8. Steam (generated by hotpools).
    9. Pit trap covered by snow.
    10. Metal spring trap(1d6 initial damage +1/round crush damage).
    11. Ice/snow tunnel.
    12. Dark Red snow (blood).
    13. Snowgoon (animated snowman).
    14. Burrow (beneath tree protected by foliage).
    15. Buried merchant wagon.
    16. Dismembered animal (small prey).
    17. Blood trail.
    18. Boulders beneath snow.
    19. Fallen tree (broken branches as spear barricade).
    20. crushed snow trail leading away in two or more directions.

    1. Sean, my favorite comment in a long time. Thank you!

  3. Time to undertake a creative quest: once per week Pen sketch zero level npc and post with name and stats. Dont worry about drawing skill.